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In Person - AUTISM: Understanding Autism

Alexius V.
Robert H.

Course Description

Autism is a neurodiversity that comes with strengths and differences that impact on everyday life. It is thought that around 1 in 100 people are autistic. It is a spectrum condition, therefore the
sensory and social differences associated with it can vary greatly from person to person. This course gives a brief overview of common strengths related to Autism as well as differences which can become difficulties when navigating sensory and social environments. We will explore autistic friendly strategies and reasonable adjustments to manage feelings of overwhelm and
promote wellbeing.

This course is aimed at:

Autistic people, individuals who think they may be autistic, family members and professionals.

Course structure

Weekly sessions for up to 4 weeks.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:
Describe some of the common everyday challenges faced by autistic individuals.
Recognise personal signs of stress associated with social and sensory overwhelm.
Use a variety of autistic friendly strategies on a daily basis to promote well-being.

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